Zonda R


the_pagani_logo_by_swanee3Pagani is a company that debuted in the world of supercars with their model Zonda, and they kept re-manufacturing it for many years. There have been dozens, and tens of iterations of Zonda and the changes that were done on new versions were minimal. The car was a big success, but the world wanted something new from this company, and they fulfilled the expectations with Zonda R.

Zonda R – Similar in look, very different in performance

When you look at the Zonda R, you would think that it is just another version of Zonda, but that is a big mistake. It might look like a regular Pagani supercar, but only 10 percent of the model R is same as previous iterations of Pagani.

maxresdefault (6)Top speed of the Zonda R is 218 mph, and it is powered by a V12 engine that gives the R unbelievable 740 hp. This supercar is a racing car, and the chassis and body were both made for race track rather than the normal road. The changes that happened in the migration from normal to R version are many, but they were not enough, and Evolution version of the R version came to life.

Zonda R Evolution – R on steroids

ac57d1bd123f4c4819ac195adcd2390bR Evolution is an upgraded version of Zonda R. The engine is same, but it produces 800 hp. The finishing on this car is done in white where the nose has exposed carbon fiber. The body of this Pagani is same as its original version, but some minor changes were done to improve the aerodynamics. First of all the body is a bit changed, where there is a new big air splitter about other two, and two extra small air separators are added to the rear bumper. This Pagani gained the largest rear central fin of all the models, and it also got another more minor spoiler to increase the down-force.

Zonda Revolución – Last model of Zonda

After the Evolution, the Pagani decided to make one final version of their supercar – Revolución. When it comes to the race track, this version of this supercar is the best. This is a special edition of Zonda, and only five were built, and each of them costs just fewer than 2.5 million dollars.


There is a good reason for the price, and that is the technology with which this car is made. It weighs only 1070 kg due to carbon-titanium frame. With staggering 800 hp, this supercar is a monster on the wheels. To make it easier to drive and control Pagani installed magnesium transversal/sequential gearbox that has six speeds. They also updated their traction control to 12 stage traction specially made by Bosch.

Many other changes to aerodynamics, brakes, and other systems were made to ensure the full experience for every of those five drivers.


You can drive Zonda on the street, but it will not show its true colors there. Pagani makes cars for race tracks, and that is a place where every Zonda feels great. Comfort is not something that you can expect from Pagani, but breaking the 200mph (300 km/h) barrier is something a Zonda does the best.