Bugatti Veyron


We would talk about more about Bugatti and its cars, but they only have one car Veyron and dozens of its iterations, so we are left with the talk about Bugatti Veyron. But this doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to say Bugatti. The first car from this company was made to go over 400 km/h, and that is already a big thing by itself.

Bugatti Veyron – One company, one car, one goal

bugatti-631368_1280The development of Veyron started back in 1998 when Volkswagen bought the logo and the name of Bugatti. Soon after they did that, they released a series of concepts that eventually became Veyron 16.4.

First concepts had W18 engines, but later the team behind this supercar decided to try W16 with four banks. Even though Bugatti made cars before Veyron, this supercar was responsible for the revival of the trademark. The name of this car came from two things, the name of the driver that won the Le Mans with a Bugatti (that man was also the test driver and development engineer in Bugatti) and the second part of the name (16.4) comes from the engine that has sixteen cylinders and four superchargers.

Veyron holds the world record for the fastest production car (the maximum speed this hypercar developed is 267.8 mph). There has been some controversy over the record, but after some time, it was concluded that the car that made this record is a production car and that is street legal.

Veyron – The parts that make this car go so fast

bugatti-631377_1280Veyron is a car that changed the supercar industry. The manufacturer, Volkswagen, showed the world that a car can go over 400 km/h and the car that accomplishes that can also have a right amount of comfort.

Now, what makes this car so fast? Well, it could be the engine, 8 liters, W16 with four turbochargers, and the total of 64 valves. It could be the VR8 configuration of the engine that allows only four camshafts to be used. All those parts and many more others make this car what it is.

The ultimate performance of the “impossible car”

Bugatti_Veyron_Hermes_interiorAccording to of manufacturers the first version of Veyron 16.4 had 1001 hp, but later it was revealed that the number is quite conservative, and the real power of this hypercar is 1020 hp.

The maximum speed for production vehicles is set in 2006 on Ehra-Lessien Track (an oval track used to measure top speed). It is calculated that at the rate of 430 km/h, the Veyron consumes around 45 000 liters of air per minute which is approximately a four day of breathing of a human.


The point that Veyron feels comfortable at speeds that exceed 400 km/h is a significant achievement for the automobile industry and the Bugatti. The high level of comfort found in Veyron compared to other hypercars makes it a vehicle that can be driven on the road without any problems. Its height is automatically changed depending on how fast you drive, so if you want to go on a cruise in this car, then you will have no problems enjoying the ride.