Ferrari 488


The Ferrari 488 is a sports car whose engine is placed in the middle of it. Ferrari (Italian manufacturer) produced this car, and it was brought to the market as a replacement for the 458. Compared to 458’s engine, it is smaller but bigger in output, and it has 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8. Top Gear magazine pronounced it “the 2015 Supercar’’.


Specifications of the Ferrari 488

The 3902cc dry sump powers it (made out of aluminum) and it is a unit of Ferrari F154 motor family. It has two parallel scroll turbochargers and IHI supplies them. It also has two intercoolers, and its wheels are created of TiAl alloy (it is low-density, and jet motors usually use them). The engine produces more than 650 PS at 8 thousand rpm, also more than 750 torque N-m at 3 thousand rpm. Its specific power output is around 127 kW per liter, and its specific torque output is around 195 N-m per liter (they both record for this car). An automated dual-clutch 7-speed F1 gearbox represents the only possible transference for this car (based on 458). This 488 model was built with new things (materials) that can reduce the needed optimum temperature achieving the time. At the front end of the car the sizes of the disc are about 398 mm and at the rear, they are about 360 mm. Front tires are 245/35 and rear 305/30.

Versions of the Ferrari 488

26391040522_d0aa46fe04_bAs a successor to the 458 Italia, this 488 GTB model (Berlinetta with two seats) was the first introduced 488. The launching day was 3rd February 2015 and its premiere to the whole world was at the motor show in Geneva (in March 2015). It performs about less than hundred km/h in around 3 seconds and less than two hundred km/h in more than 8 seconds, and its top speed is around 330km/h. This car also has its racing versions ( GT3 and 458 Italia successors). Compared to these cars specifications, their bodywork is much more aggressive. Their motor is around 4 liter V8 just like in the 488 GTB, but they have new 2016 FIA GTE and GT3 regulations). In this year (2016), the FIA World Endurance Championships will be its new entering place (AF Corse will enter it). It will also be competing in 24 hrs of Le Mans and the IMSA Weather Tech Sports Car Championship. The Ferrari 488 Spider is a roadster variant of the 488, and it has two seats and a folding hardtop. It was released in July 2015 and first saw in public at the motor show in Frankfurt (Sep 2015).

Design of this monster

Its body was created to grow down force around 50 percent. Radiator cooling is increased by a new splitter that is double. “Aero Pillar’’ in the center turns air to under the car, and two bonnet vents give air an exit (reducing air pressure).Vortex generators under the body also work to reduce the pressure.


Flavio Manzoni designed this car, and it won the Red Dot award “Best of the Best’’ for 2016 Product Design. The Ferrari is not just a company that makes cars, and it is an institution that makes supercars that are remembered for all the days.

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