Supercars – made for bold

high-speedometerIn a broader sense, these cars represent uniqueness in style and design; they have two doors, compact body of the car, and they can develop high speed. Many famous manufacturers tried to make a sports car that will enter the car history. But history proved that was easier said than done.

What is a supercar

Many people don’t know the true meaning anymore. Through the last few decades, the definition has changed with the development of new technologies. But we would say that supercars are highly reliable, expensive and fast cars, but opinion is often subjective and disputed, especially if we ask the enthusiast.

Bugatti Veyron – the fastest car

Bugatti_Veyron_16.4_–_Frontansicht_(1),_5._April_2012,_DüsseldorfThis brand is currently the fastest and most expensive car in the world, and it is a fully legal car for road driving. It even entered in The Geniuses Book of World Records under the title of the fastest production cars. It has 1001 hp, and it can develop the speed of 253 mph, and it’s even faster than Formula 1 cars.

Historically the best supercars

Porsche 911 is the best sports car of all times. This model has been manufactured for the last 50 years. It has minimal changes on the design, which is good; it kept its unique style, only upgraded the performance.

  • 2014_Chevrolet_CorvetteChevrolet Corvette

It sounds incredible, but this car has been in use for the past 60 years. We could freely speak of him as a first American sports car. Boldness in structure and raw sound make him a true male car.

  • Mercedes-Benz SL

6164268283_5c38b0735d_bMercedes has always been a synonym for quality, comfort, luxury and stability. This model has been manufactured in 1954, and until this day, it has remained and incredible mixture of technology, performance, and style. Many people say, who once sits behind the wheel of Mercedes, he will never drive another car.

  • Mazda MX – Miata

When we think about a sports car, our choice won’t fall on this model of Mazda. But here we have another Geniuses record broken; this car entered the history as the most selling coupe ever.

  • Shelby Cobra

maxresdefault (1)This car is a racing legend, and it was first developed by Carroll Hall Shelby, he was a Texas farmer. This car represents has a combination of styles, British body of the car and American V8 engine, which give it high performances on the field.

  • Jaguar E – Type

It will stay recognized as the only car which famous Enzo Ferrari praised and said that was fascinated with it. For that time, this car was remarkable; it could develop the speed of 158mph and had a unique style and design.

  • Lamborghini Miura

6252126622_b98fa2e20e_bIt is believed that this was the first exotic car ever made. It had a V12 engine, and it was the fastest car of that time, it could develop the top speed of 170 mph.

From everything presented, we can conclude that supercars have changed through time and only a few of the made it to history. Maybe some of the nowadays cars are waiting for their moment, but what future holds, we are only left to see.



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