Ferrari Italia 458 – The Greatest Supercar Ever?

Ferrari Italia

Last Update 22nd August 2016: Today I’m going to talk about the greatest supercar of all time and probably get some hate for doing so. In my opinion the Ferrari Italia 458 is the best supercar ever and here is why. Ferrari is a great brand right, no one would deny that and no one would say they are in the top 10 best car brands in the world.

Furthermore the Italia is their best car produced, I mean look at the image above and the video below, this really is a beautiful car. But more again than that.

It is reliable, safe, built for speed and style. I mean what else do you need? The specs are quoted below too.

The price

Well as you can expect this isn’t cheap. Like any supercar nowadays you don’t get much change from a few hundred thousand. In this case the below is the general starting point.

Ferrari 458 Price

But this is, in my personal opinion the supercar I would have above all else. It’s not just about the style, the badge, the speed or the safety. It’s about the combination of all of those things. Making something better a bit at a time until you have perfection. That’s the way to have a successful product of any sort, let alone of one of the most successful car brands in history!

Rental Market & Availability

The Ferrari 458 is now available to hire from a number of agencies in the US and UK. I haven’t seen many outside of this area (although I assume Italy would have some too.) The Ferrari rental prices in the UK are still extremely high, with the referenced one there at almost £950 a day and £3,000 per long weekend. Not for the faint hearted that’s for sure!