The Bugatti Chiron | How the Bugatti Brands Supercars

Bugatti Chiron

The Chiron

What an amazing machine, looking at the website you can see how beautiful this car really is. But that’s only the start of things, coming in at well over 1 million dollars, this isn’t your average supercar. With a top speed over 400KPH its also one of (if not the fastest) road-car you can buy! Not that I think you could get to that speed!

But what really amazes me with this car is the brand itself. Bugatti has created a brand that now is associated with the fastest, most expensive supercars in the world. And they have produced all of 2 different cars! That is really amazing when you think about it. Ferrari and Lamborghini took years to get where they were (even decades) but Bugatti have done it in as little as 8 years in most cases. Now every supercar fan knows and loves the brand. So how did they do this?

We asked the experts about the branding tips that the Bugatti company uses to help them sell this incredible machine for such a high fee and this is the response we got.

  1. The Name – Bugatti is a very Italian name and is only associated with 2 types of cars. The original Veyron and now the Chiron. It adds power and value just when you hear the name. That means when people see the car and hear the sound they instantly think of a Bugatti name. That’s a great connection to make from a marketing and branding point of view.
  2. The Shape – The style and overall feel of the car is what makes them different from other supercars. Generally if you see a Bugatti and hear it, then you will know what it is, even though it will likely go by in a flash!
  3. The Price – Believe it or not having a product that costs more than most people make in a lifetime actually asks as a positive branding element! This means that anyone that owns this car will have serious money and likely some serious friends too. A reason not to mess with these. In other words… Power!

So they have the best and fastest supercar in the world and also an incredibly supercar brand with an engine that is called a W12! That’s not even on the “V” Scale… But now they are winding down production, potentially never to make another car…. The reason? From a busniess point of view they aren’t that profitable. They lose money on most of the cars they sell. Which is why they have to sell them for such a high price. But never the less we love the brand and I do hope they release another car in the future, even if it is 10 million and we all have to wait 10 years for it!