What Are Track Days? Our Experience

track daysWhat are track days?

A track day is a full or half day organised by an individual or company where multiple people come and test out a number of supercar models around a racetrack. This can be any racetrack and any number of supercars, but usually it is a single brand of supercar and a racetrack that is more suited to amateur drivers. This is to avoid accidents and keep costs down for both the company organising the day and hence the individuals participating in the day as well. Below I’ve outlined our track day last week and why I really liked it.

Our Aston Martin Track Day

We were lucky enough to be invited to a free track day in the UK last week. It was a great experience, and I wanted to write a little about the cars we drove, what we did and basically how much we enjoyed it.

We started by driving the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante. This is one of the original Aston Martin’s. Built in the early 2000s and delivered all over the world. With a sleek shape this is seen as one of the original supercars that put Aston on the map as a leading supercar brand.

After this we were lucky enough to experience on of the monsters in the Aston world. This was of course the Aston Martin Vanquish. Driven by James Bond numerous times on screen in some of the biggest movies of the past couple of decades. The Vanquish is one of the most stylish cars I’ve driven in a long time and one that I could see myself driving on a daily basis. You can see the sheer awesome design of this car below. And it goes as fast as you would expect too. Great car and a really fun morning.


After this we got some lunch in a nice country pub in England. This was totally free and really tasty. No alcoholic drinks obviously as we had more test drives after the lunch. After lunch we drove 2 more Aston’s, first up was the DB9. Another very fast, stylish car, very similar to the previous 2 driven before lunch. Finally on the day was the Aston Martin DB6. The original supercar of AM. Again this was featured in the recent James Bond film Skyfall as a throwback to the earlier models driven by the British secret agent. All I can say is I loved every second of all the drives and would recommend this to any petrol head out there. Meet some great people and drove some awesome cars.