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Before I became a supercar nutter I actually had to work (believe it or not!) I worked for a guy in London who owned a wedding car hire company. Naturally this was a great job as I got to see some of the best sports and supercars in the world and would even have to drive them to location or to a client. The funniest thing about all this was the people’s reactions when I saw they thought I would be an older rich guy driving (or at least a mechanic¬†look), instead they were greeted with someone who was 21 and had their life together… The reactions always made me laugh!

The Bentley in Question

The Bentley in Question

I’ll never forget driving a Bentley up to a client’s house and being invited in to “talk business” – Awesome experience when you are walking into a mansion with 15 bedrooms, and the guy wants to talk to you! But nevertheless I did eventually have to leave the agency, not because I didn’t enjoy working there, but I simply wanted to set-up my own business.

I departed this agency on great terms with the individual in question and I now have him as a client. What I decided to set-up was a business that I could utilise both my passion (cars and supercars) but also my skills (consulting, marketing and branding.) I’d never been much of a designer but I really wanted to market supercar agencies, as I knew the money that could be made. 3-5 clients paying me ¬£3-5k a month is a quarter of a million pound a year business. So this was the plan.

261KPHI love what I do but it’s very corporate. I stated I’d get to this 250,000 a year mark in only 2 years and although I have 5 clients I haven’t reached this point just yet. It takes time and I was slightly naive to that fact when first starting up!! – Another issue that I have is this is hardcore advertising and marketing. It isn’t really about the supercar, so to counter this I decided to pick up this domain and get started writing about the cars that I really like. This way I can stay up to date with the auto industry, whilst at the same time having people read what I think…. It’s a win win for me as it doesn’t dig into the business and also helps it really!

I’ve been in the auto industry for close to 20 years now. At the very (very) start I worked in San Diego in an auto broker that really was a great place to work, but I just wanted more. We didn’t sell that many exciting cars and I wanted the supercars, the 0-60 in 2. something seconds, a rush and that’s where I’m heading to this day. Slowly but surely getting there.

That’s pretty much it about me. I’ll probably write some more personal posts on the blog, but until then, have a good one and drive safe!